I carry the fastest boxes available - Guaranteed.

Warning: If you purchase from another seller, store or online you will not get this programming or the support that I offer. You may have to program yourself. Many are selling boxes with stock programming which severely limits the entertainment you have access to. CHECK OUT THE VIDEO LOCATED WITH THE PHOTOS.

The only requirement is HIGH SPEED INTERNET!

If you are looking for reliable live TV and sports feeds copy and paste this link in your browser: http://www.kijiji.ca/v-view-details.html?adId=1276387730&edited=true&posted=true&adActivated=true

Fully Programmed - Plug and play and ready to enjoy! I can do discounts on the purchase of 3 or more units.

$50 (Firm) - VONTAR MX-4K RK3229 Quad Core Android 5.1 TV Box mx 4k (RK3229 chip, 1GB DDR 3 Ram, 8GB Storage). 2.4G Wifi KODI Support 4K HDMI2.0 H.265. 5.1 Android Lollipop operating system. (No Demo on these boxes, rock bottom price - Time is money)

$90 - X96 Android Media box (Amlogic S905x, Quad Core CPU, Penti Core GPU, 1 GB DDR 3 Ram, 8 GB Storage). 6.0 Android Marshmallow operating system.

$120.00 - X96 Android Media box (Amlogic S905x chip, Quad Core CPU (4 Core), Penti Core GPU, 2 GB DDR 3 Ram, 16 GB Storage). 6.0 Android Marshmallow operating system.

$150.00 - X92 Android Media Player (Amlogic S912 chip, Octa Core CPU (8 Core), Penti Core GPU, 2 GB DDR 3 Ram, 16 GB Storage). 6.0 Android Marshmallow operating system.

$160.00 - X92 Android Media Player (Amlogic S912 chip, Octa Core CPU (8 Core), Penti Core GPU, 3 GB DDR 3 Ram, 16 GB Storage). 6.0 Android Marshmallow operating system.

$180 - Yoka KB2 Pro - (Amlogic S912 chip, Octa Core CPU (8 Core), Penti Core GPU, 3 GB DDR4 Ram, 32 GB Storage). 6.0 Android Marshmallow operating system.

$35.00 - Rii Wireless Mini Keyboard with backlit -Lithium battery included ($30 with the purchase of a box)

$25.00 - Wireless Mini Keyboard with backlit- Lithium battery included ($20 with the purchase of a box)

$30.00 - Air Mouse/Keyboard Remote

$45.00 - Programming your existing box. If you have purchased a box from us - $30 to update.

I offer a 30 day warranty on physical defects of the box - Exchange only. 60 days on the programming.

READ Q & A at the bottom of the AD

Please note: When buying a box - programming is every bit as important as the box itself. I carry the fastest boxes - GUARENTEED. Yoka KB2 Pro - 8 Core CPU (Most other boxes have a 4 core CPU), 3 GB DDR 4 RAM (most other boxes have DDR3 Ram - Slower), 32 GB STORAGE. FASTEST ON THE MARKET.

My boxes are programmed to work and work near flawlessly. You can buy a box with a 1,000 addons installed but if they don't work, what is the point. I install enough addons so that you will have access to all the entertainment available.

I have boxes in stock, set up and ready to pick up. All boxes are loaded with Kodi 17.3 and all the APPS you will need. My setup is for all users, especially the non-technical. Easy for all to use, young and old.

If you are new to Kodi, don't fret. I can give you a demo to show you how it works and how to use it. Takes at least 20 min, much to show you. But then when you take it home, you are ready to go and you know what you are getting.

Just because the specs are the same, does not mean they perform the same. I know this from experience. This is why I test all boxes before selling them to be sure I am offering the best models. I check for faster product weekly. Check out the others, then come check out me and you will find that my programming is superior and I offer the absolute best support than anyone. All my customers are return customers and I receive many many referrals because I support what I sell.

Why buy from me? Honesty (no BS), carry the latest technology, support what I sell. I give the best support available. You can find cheaper but many times, you get what you pay for. You may not get the programming or the support you WILL get from me. My boxes are CUSTOM PROGRAMMED - EXTREME HOURS SPENT ON PROGRAMMING. I am available for support after you have purchased the box.

International channels, specialty set up for East Indian, Portuguese, Filipino, Spanish, Pakistan, Polish, and can set up for any language you want, just need advanced request.

Apple TV is no better than an android box, in fact it is not as good as Apple restricts everything. When you jailbreak the apple tv the only app you run is Kodi. With an android box you are free to add and run many apps.

If you already have a media box with XBMC or Kodi on it and want it reprogrammed In most cases we will program while you wait, usually takes approximately 30 mins. Please email in advance to let me know they type of media box you have and I will let you know if I can do it. Slower boxes may not run the programming. $45 for programming.

With all the addons I install you will get all the latest TV Shows - commercial free and you will find them about 3 hours after they air live. All movies, new and old. You will get to watch all your sports from NHL, MLB, NBA, NFL, and WWE and UFC all Live when they are happening!!!

My boxes come preloaded with Grown-Up Channels . If you do not want them, just ask me to remove those. ______________________________________________________ This sounds too good to be true!!

Yes it sounds too good to be true, BUT IT IS TRUE. Get our free demo and see with your own eyes. No subscriptions, this is a one time purchase. I will do a demo for you before you buy so you can learn how to use and be comfortable with what you are purchasing. No pressure to purchase, once you see, you will want. You WILL enjoy the ease of use of my setup, guaranteed! ______________________________________________________ Q - Is this legal?

A - Yes. Please view the CBC article : http://www.cbc.ca/news/business/android-box-streaming-1.3455524

Downloading is illegal and leaves your computer or device susceptible to viruses. You also have to wait for the item to finish downloading before you can watch. ______________________________________________________ Q - What is this?

It's a device that connects to your TV giving you access to movies, 3D movies, shows, music, games, live sports, PAY PER VIEW EVENTS, and much more from the Internet. And because it's also a mini computer, you can also use it in the comfort of your living room to browse the web, check your email or weather, download apps, and playback media that you've downloaded or saved to an external storage AND SKYPE WITH YOUR LOVED ONES. ______________________________________________________ Q - How does this work?

A - People from around the world create addons for the interface Kodi/XBMC. The addons access links on their servers similar to downloading on your computer, you stream right from their servers. No downloading, no subscriptions, everything is free. ______________________________________________________ Q - What is Kodi?

A - Kodi was formally known as XBMC. Kodi is an app that gives you access to entertainment around the world. Live TV, Movies, Live Sports, TV shows, Karaoke, Music. Almost any media entertainment. I like to think about it as the PVR to the world. Yes you can get live entertainment but Kodi really shines with on demand programming. ______________________________________________________ Q - Can I watch movies that are in the theatre?

A - Yes. It is important to understand that someone somewhere is putting all this entertainment on servers for you to get for free. The quality that you receive is the quality that they are able to acquire. However, many new movies are in HD. ______________________________________________________ Q - Can I get live channels?

A - Yes. However live channels requires someone to run and pay for a server to serve these 24/7. This makes live channels unpredictable. Most times you can get many live channels and we have the apps installed to access all entertainment available through kodi. Anyone that gives you the impression that you have access to all channels is not being honest. ______________________________________________________ Q - Can I purchase from online and get the same as you are selling?

A - You can purchase the same box and possibly for cheaper because it costs me more to ship larger quantities. But you will not get the programming, you will have to program yourself. And who are you going to call when you need support? ______________________________________________________ Q - There are so many different model of boxes being sold, how do I decide?

A - You need to be diligent and check out the specs on each box. There are many sellers selling old technology for the same price as our boxes. We carry the most up to date boxes. We test them before we start selling to ensure that we are selling the best quality boxes. All our boxes are extremely fast. There are two different type of chips in media boxes. Amlogic and Rockchip. Amlogic chips are superior compared to the Rockchip. CHECK THE SPECS. DON'T OVER PAY FOR A BRAND NAME THAT HAS THE SAME CHIP AND RAM AS MY BOXES. I CARRY THE FASTEST BOXES GUARENTEED. ______________________________________________________ Q - Is DDTV better than Kodi?

A - No. It is the same thing. DDTV is based on Kodi and will not give you access to any more entertainment than Kodi. I have watched a video on DDTV and in my opinion it appears to be nothing more than a different skin pretending to offer you more than you get with Kodi. _______________________________________________________ Q - Does it matter what android operating system a box uses?

A - Yes. If you are running android kit kat (4.4) or earlier your box will not last too much longer. Kodi 17 cannot be installed on these operating systems. As newer versions of Kodi are released, apps will eventually stop working on earlier versions of kodi. ______________________________________________________

Disclaimer: By purchasing any of these products, you understand and agree that all content available online are accessed through 3rd party streaming sources including but not limited to services like YouTube, Hulu, and Netflix. Their continued accessibility is dependent on those 3rd parties who maintain or provide access to content, and as such, no guarantee of availability, reliability, or quality can be made by me. I do not own, host or distribute any content accessed and I assume no responsibility or liability for the purchaser's personal or commercial usage of their device.

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