Light Bulb Terrariums A Tutorial

I saw these amazing light bulb terrarium favors in

Crystal and Troy’s wedding featured on

Ruffled. Their whole wedding was filled to the brim with DIY goodness! These place cards/favors jumped out at me a perfect way to thank guests at any fall celebration.


Crystal, the lovely new bride and is here today sharing with us the instructions for making these place cards/favors.

>(Top photos by Dreambox Photography)

Light bulb terrarium tutorial


Light bulb terrarium materials:

Light bulbs  (globe, incandescent, clear), Tillandsias, dry moss, spray Paint (flat black), metal wire, stationary, self adhesive silicone bumpers.


Light bulb terrarium process:

  • Hollow out light bulbs, a great online tutorial on how to do this can be found HERE. We ended up having a ‘light bulb breaking party’ with a few friends that made the process easier.
  • Some light bulb brands are easier to ‘break’ then others (do not use SATCO brand) this can be a time saver if you have a ton of bulbs. Make sure to wear safety goggles!
  • Spray paint the cap of the light bulb to flat black for a cleaner look
  • Use Tillandsias to fill the terrariums, affordable ones can be found HERE. Order them about a week before the event.
  • Print the place cards at home; guest’s name on front and instructions for care of terrarium on the inside. Here is our version for inspiration…


  • Finally assemble the terrarium with a bit of moss and a Tillandsia (you may need to trim to fit through the small opening); attach the silicone bumpers on the bottom for stability.

  • Hole-punch place card and secured with metal wire.


Light bulb terrariums- a tutorial
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